Direct Debit Payments

Pay Your Bill The Easy Way With GoCardless

GoCardless is perfect for recurring billing but not set to a specific date.

Payments are requested from your bank account after we have visited and carried out any cleaning. An email will be sent from GoCardless informing you of the collection date.

Paying with GoCardless is 100% secure, very simple to setup, and your bank/card details are never disclosed to Saxon Clean at any point in the process. Once you have set up your payment Saxon Clean will do the rest.

  • Payments are collected after your property has been cleaned.
  • Ability to bill for less than normal price in case of access issues.
  • All financial transactions are handled by GoCardless.
  • All client-server communication is 256-bit SSL encrypted. The banking system requires just 128-bit.
  • No additional charges.
  • Freedom to cancel at any time and can be done via email.
  • You can still pay the cleaner on the day if you prefer.
  • Custom built safeguards to prevent accidental duplicate billing.
  • This payment scheme is covered by the direct debit guarantee.

To set up a GoCardless Direct debit send the first line of your address to Saxon Clean using the form below and we will send you your own personal secure link to GoCardless.

Online Payment

You can now pay your bill online using your credit or debit card.

Please follow the link below if you want to pay using this method.